XXIV World Congress of Philosophy


Learning To Be Human

ΤΟΠΟΣ: Peking University, Beijing, P.R.China

ΗΜΕΡΟΜΗΝΙΑ: 13-20 Αυγούστου 2018

ΔΙΟΡΓΑΝΩΤΕΣ: International Federation of Philosophical Societies


ΤΙΤΛΟΣ ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΣΗΣ: Sex Trafficking Ethical Dilemmas and Psychological Aspects


This paper discusses the emergence of the phenomenon of transactional sex trafficking, which metaphorically means transporting people from one country to another. No one can give a certain answer to fundamental and controversial questions that are primarily addressed to everyone’s conscience. These questions go beyond the classic questions of morality, such as a “moral” or an “immoral” act, a “good” or a “bad” person , and deal with issues concerning the humans and the definition of the human being. These questions will be discussed and answered if possible, as the torture, the abasement and the impoverishment of every human being concern us all, because of the fact that we belong to the mankind. Furthermore, the forms of trade that aim at the economic, social and sexual exploitation of girls and women, who are made up of prostitution, pornography and sex tourism, will be examined in more detail. Finally, after outlining the psychological profile of the victims, the abusers and the clients involved in the sex trafficking, we observe that over the last decades the society has adjusted to this social phenomenon which is expressed in more advanced and rather effective forms of violence (happy trafficking- psychological violence).