“Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law”

ΤΟΠΟΣ: St. Raphael Hotel Resort & Congress Center Limassol, Cyprus

ΗΜΕΡΟΜΗΝΙΑ: 21-23 Μαρτίου 2017

ΔΙΟΡΓΑΝΩΤΕΣ: UNESCO Chair in Bioethics(Haifa)

ΤΙΤΛΟΣ ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΣΗΣ: Trafficking and ethics The case of child exploitation


This paper discusses the emergence of the phenomenon trafficking and the violation of fundamental human rights. Trafficking is presented as a modern form of slavery and is identified with the concept of human trafficking. We set questions like how can slavery of the human body be stamped out and why there are still people who are not protected by this criminal activity. It will be a selective reference to trafficking in children and the legislative survey of international and Greek framework laid down for combating organized crime and the protection of children will be highlifihted. We will examine in detail the forms of commerce to promote economic and sexual exploitation of children and composed of prostitution, child pornography and sex tourism. Finally preventive and inhibitory mechanisms to tackle the increase in these acts will be proposed.